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S8. Thin Film and Photovoltaic Technology

Thin Film and Photovoltaic Technology III
Saturday, Dec. 3, 2022  10:45-12:00
Presider: Chien-Cheng Kuo、Gwo-Mei Wu
Room: 2F A204
10:45 - 11:15
Manuscript ID.  0907
Paper No.  2022-SAT-S0803-I001
Invited Speaker:
Ching-Yuan Su
Synthesis and integration of 2D materials for advanced nanoelectronics
Ching-Yuan Su, National Central University (Taiwan)

​In this talk, the first part, the study of in-situ cleaning and selective functionalization of 2D layered material, where the selective functionalization and passivation not only enhanced stability in the air but also highly improve the electrical properties of field-effect transistor (FET), with the high on-current and enhanced carrier mobility and on/off ratio. Also, the BP as functional active layers for artificial synapse memristors will be demonstrated. In the second part, I will introduce the efficient and reliable method for the transferring of graphene and other 2D materials with higher integrity and ultraclean surface, which is beneficial for the following BEOL device integration.

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11:15 - 11:30 Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0626
Paper No.  2022-SAT-S0803-O001
Sheng-Ru Chiu Growth Large Area Two Dimension MoS2 Thin Films at Low Temperature
Sheng-Ru Chiu, Bo-Zhi Huang, Gui-Sheng Zeng, Sheng-Hui Chen, National Central University (Taiwan)

MoS2 has been widely studied as a next-generation semiconductor channel material for electronic and optoelectronic devices due to its excellent properties. We applied the CVD method with the addition of the promoter sodium chloride to grow large-area MoS2 films at argon flow rate of 10 sccm and a sulfidation temperature of 650 °C. Raman spectroscopy and photoluminescence spectroscopy has confirmed that the MoS2 film is monolayer and homogeneous.

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11:30 - 11:45
Manuscript ID.  0743
Paper No.  2022-SAT-S0803-O002
Ti-Kai Chou Electronic Properties of MAPbI3 Perovskite Nanoflakes
Ti-Kai Chou, Hong-Ru Chen, I-Chun Cheng, National Taiwan University (Taiwan); Yu-Chiang Chao, National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan)

The electronic properties of MAPbI3 perovskite nanoflakes are investigated. Owing to the quantum confinement effect, the thinner the perovskite nanoflake, the larger the energy bandgap. The photocurrent of the perovskite nanoflake is positively correlated to the illumination intensity. Field-effect transistors based on perovskite nanoflakes exhibit p-type characteristics. A smaller transfer hysteresis and larger threshold voltage are observed in the transistor with a thinner perovskite nanoflake as the channel.

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11:45 - 12:00 Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0851
Paper No.  2022-SAT-S0803-O003
Chen-Wei Hua Three dimensional topological insulator Bi2Se3 thin film deposition and material analysis
Chen-Wei Hua, Chia-Chun Huang, Jian-Jang Huang, National Taiwan University (Taiwan)

By using chemical vapor deposition, high quality Bi2Se3 thin films is obtained. The thin films were investigated by XPS, XRD and SEM. The result showed that the thin films’ typical thickness are from 1.3 um to 0.3um and the material analysis indicated high agreement of material chemical bonding and crystal structure with Bi2Se3 single crystal.

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